Architecniko Design Srl provides its customers a complete, high quality support service.

This ability is recognized thanks to his decades of experience in the sector of his operators and his modus operandi which always privileges the careful analysis of the architectural idea and the project documents. In order for the final result to be perfectly in line with the requests, customized and verified solutions are designed, with an eye to the subsequent operations of purchasing the materials, production and installation of all the facade elements that make up the enclosure, in the respect for project planning. Architecniko Design srl realizes the ideas of world architectural excellence, works that enclose the perfect combination of design, aesthetics and technology, with a unique and unmistakable character.


Organisational wellbeing monitoring with the support of specialist personnel and action to improve it;

Market growth in Italy and abroad;

Customer-oriented approach with a focus on satisfying needs;

Expert partners within specific sector skills;

Single team members valued as part of coordinated teamwork;

Skilled team, thanks to technical, managerial and language professional-development training;

Quick response to ongoing changes in the market;

Compliance with regulations and legal standards in Italy and abroad.


Architecniko Design Srl, has been dealing with building envelopes for ten years, providing design, development and installation instructions, with constant adaptation to the evolution of technology.

The two founding members of this reality, with several years of experience in the sector with different but complementary specializations, work with a team of trained and dynamic technicians. The team uses its professionalism to guarantee its customers an excellent technical assistance service. This allows Architecniko Design srl to collaborate effectively with the most important Architecture, Businesses and Companies in the sector.




The company was founded in February 2009 by two partners. They wanted to take their idea and passion for designing curtain walls to the global market by setting up their own company.



The immediate response was positive and the group took hold. In 2010, Architecniko Design Srl already had ten or so employees and was continuing to grow.



In 2014, the subsidiary company ATK DESIGN DWC-LLC was founded in Dubai, with the aim of establishing a presence and being active in one of the fastest growing world markets.



At the end of 2017, a branch was opened in Verona with a team of nine, organised as an independent office but fully in sync with the rest of the team.


10 years in business

The year 2019 marked another important accomplishment for Architecniko Design Srl: 10 years in business, plus a team of more than 35 people.


Looking ahead

In 2020, Architecniko Design Srl will be focusing on individual wellbeing and on how best to organise new work spaces to fully represent the professional services it offers.
New opening: 600sqm.

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